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Conservatories & Sunrooms

People choose a double glazed UPVC conservatory to extend their home to provide extra space maybe for a playroom, office or dining room.

Most though prefer to create a relaxing sitting room, enabling them to enjoy the beauty of their garden, in comfort, all year round.

At the same time, a conservatory can also enhance the appearance and increase the value of a property, so lets not get too sentimental about them. Plus if you want to call it an 'orangery' it might add a little bit more onto the value!

Utilising the latest technology in roofing materials; glazing spars constructed of aluminium clad in UPVC, to provide performance and appearance, and triple-skin polycarbonate glazing sheets, we are able to offer excellent thermal retention and greatly reduce the risk of condensation.



Traditionally more of a USA/Canda term for a conservatory, over the last few years there has been a marked increase in demand for sunrooms locally. Typically these differ from conservatories by having a solid slate (or similar) roof and at least a partial wall around the base.

This normally means that the space can be used for areas whereby a traditional conservatory would be unsuitable (i.e. kitchen, utility room, bedroom etc)

But the beauty of using Lanark Windows is that you tell us what you want the space for, we'll give suggestions based on our 28years knowledge, but ultimately the design is up to you.

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