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Garages & Loft Converstions

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Garage conversions

Loft conversions

One of the quickest and most cost effective way to make the most of an often underused area of the home is a garage conversion.


Once completed it is often the most attractive area of the home, be it used for an extra bedroom, office space, toy room, games room or sitting room, the wide open space can easily be fixed into something that adds real value to your home.


We've even installed wetrooms, saunas and hot tubs in some garage conversions when the customer wanted a cost effectice 'wow' factor for their family home.


From initial design tips, liasing with local building control, right through to completing the job and getting all the warrants and certificates required you really couldn't be in better hands than Lanark Windows.


As any architect will tell you, if you can't build sideways sometimes you need to go upwards - and thats what a number of satisfied customers from Lanark Windows have done.


We take all the hassle from the job and liase with the local building control and advise on all the necessary certificates and permissions required before undertaking this important job.


We also ensure that you gain the maximum space possible from your conversion and you always end up with some very well hidden storage that is usually enough for what you really need.


As with the garage conversions, the use for a Lanark Windows loft conversion is limitless and the open space means you can run wild with your creative instincts.